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What we do

Small: FIELDLA2 uses a design methodology for small scale residential landscapes, where design is essentially a collaboration. The contextual situation, mark-making, critique and a range of design processes and propositions about place, culture and the environment are explored. Excitement and curiosity are essential components in the design process. Through being experimental and thinking in an abstract manner about a problem, design technique is combined with client brief in order to create unique private spaces 

Public Open Space: The way we work includes understanding the landscape as an assemblage of collisions between design, contextual situations, development, productivity, circulation and everyday activities. This suggests a way of working which keys into the very life of the site; an approach that readily allows for confrontation between exisiting and potential, engaging the landscape as a tool for design.  It is an approach that allows the landscape to provide the program for projects and the emergence of design through enquiry


A Strategic Approach to Design: Flowing through all cities are a network of systems. Some examples of these are people flow, electronic information transferal, industrial and commercial activity, tourism, economics, topographical, hydrological and ecological information. The assemblage of these systems makes up the operating city. At various times and places in the city these systems come together to create points of intensity; strategic thinking allows these systems to unfold and enables the connection of people to places

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