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sudeley street

The Sudeley Street Garden is designed first and foremost as a family space. An extension of the home, which seeks to develop a living architecture: outdoor and indoor rooms seamlessly integrated.

The garden is comprised of a series of terraced level changes, which provide usable lawn areas whilst compartmentalising the garden into a series of rooms:

The pool room is wrapped at the rear by a ‘green wall’ of boston ivy. This is accompanied by at grade lawns, providing space for recliners and sun shades. An existing bottle brush is retained in this area. Acting as a permeable boundary marker, allowing for pool surveillance, a row of mixed citrus varieties are planted along the retaining wall.

Steps lead from the pool room down a terrace to the play room where an expanse of level grass allows for children’s games. This room is anked to the south by a lane of edible trees, providing plenty of fruit in the summer months. To the North the room is bounded by a small hedge of Citrus chinotto, providing a subtle scent.

At the same grade the utility room, containing vegetable gardens and a utility area, are subtly screened by Citrus chinotto.

Finally the house is linked to the garden via the creation of the outdoor lounge room, which resides in front of the proposed doors leading from the downstairs area. A permeable path acts as a linking device between the rooms.

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