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WEStmere Park Ave

The conceptual design moves for 12 Westmere Park Avenue have been driven by three main ideas: durability, minimum maintenance and the need for privacy. The design also makes links with both the contextual setting of the section and the form and materiality of the architecture. This has been achieved at the front of the property by dressing the street front wall with boston Ivy; including a teucrium hedge in the interior courtyard, which is analogous to the concrete block wall and anchoring the composition with cypresses, which respond to the geometry of the architecture and frame the sea view.

The rear courtyard is enclosed by pleached magnolia offering privacy, the proportion of which is governed by the existing architecture. Beneath this a combination of corokia hedge and ivy disguise the existing retaining wall and fence. A small segment of clivia adds colour and texture.

Finally the utility area capitalises on the existing olive trees. An enclosing box hedge beneath levels the existing retaining wall and provides a focal point for the view from the kitchen. Provision for the clothesline and storage has been made in this area.

A combination of small river-stone gravel and formal lawn compliment the proposed decking and ensure permeability requirements are met. Also a green paint treatment to existing fencing and retaining walls is recommended.

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