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22 Woodford Terrace

The scheme for 23 Woodford Terrace has its roots in the Case Study Houses of the 1950s. The Landscape has a strong geometric relationship with the Charlie Nott Architects house.

The street frontage is dominated by a permeable timber and pillar fence planted with black bamboo. This creates a striking vertical emphasis to the long rectangular section. A potager is located at the front of the section, two decked and planted alcoves flank the building and a series of terraces descends to the Wairarapa Stream.

The Eastern alcove houses an entry to the garage and is planted with black bamboo and a ground cover of azorella. The Western alcove provides a family outdoor space with decks and a series of weeping acer’s with a swatch of boston ivy climbing the adjacent fence. A series of subtle level changes are accompanied by plantings of rhododendron, daphne, helliborus, and winter sweet. This route provides a drifting descent to the stream. A large deck and board walk flank the swimming pool and descend via a series of steps to a floating platform for drinks and enjoying the view. Native plantings form a natural screen and thrive on the flood plain.

Overall the scheme transitions from native stream side habitat planting to exotic flowering shrubs and specimen trees. This is achieved through level change’s and an axial connection to the house.

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